Reliable Appraisal Litigation Support for Attorneys near Boston, MA

At Conti Appraisal Services, now serving attorneys throughout Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas, we believe that the services you provide clients are indispensable. We also understand that when you are currently working with a large number of clients at once, it can be difficult to find quality support for your litigation cases.

Thankfully, Richard J. Conti is here to be your trusted friend and ally as you work tirelessly to help your clients win their litigation cases. With our litigation support for attorneys, you can have added confidence that the necessary steps to win the case are being taken and you can better allocate your energy to provide your clients with winning results here in Boston, MA. Read on to learn more.

A Qualified and Experienced Legal Expert for Your Needs

Richard J. Conti has cultivated a reputation of success with the help of his many years of service in the legal world. Some of his qualifications include:

Deposition Cases

Richard has worked tirelessly on a variety of deposition cases that speak to his commitment to the legal process. The cases he has been a part of include Ann Papas Phillips V Madison Condominium Association et al., Donald Stone v. Dwight Barton d/b/a Lakes Region Heated Self Storage, and CT Shotgun V. Board of Assessors New Britain.

Expert Witness Cases

Richard has also been an integral part of expert witness cases, law firms, and individuals including Fall River Family Court, Fall River MA, 1999, Lykus V. Lykus, Circuit Justice Anthony R. Nesi, Superior Court of Rhode Island, Providence, RI, 2007, Jenkins V. Attorney General, and Justice Judith Collins Bach Savage.

Through his many years of service, Richard has provided litigation support for lawyers that has helped them tackle cases with more efficiency and energy. Richard is eager to help you with your upcoming litigation cases as well.

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